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Shanxi Fuxingtong Heavy Ring Forging Co., Ltd. was established in April 2009
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Leader's Speech

Leader's Speech


Dear customers and friends:

Hello, everyone, welcome to my company's web site! Hope to be able to provide what you need help.

Shanxi fu xing tong heavy ring forging co., LTD was established in April 2009, is specialized in the production of large wind power flange and forging company. In the development process of our company has obtained the customer care and support, the competent leadership at all levels and the social attention of related industries. Company to talent as a fundamental, take the customer as the center, continuously adhere to innovation as the power and the integrity of foundation management idea go today. For this, I have to care about our customers, leaders, friends, and my heartfelt thanks to the hard work of employees.

Fu hing factory will always adhere to the "innovation meet opportunities, in the process to create value" business philosophy, through further standardize the management, the construction team, cultivating advanced culture, create high-quality brand, etc., to ensure the sustainable, healthy and high-speed development of the enterprise. On the basis of the existing industries, broaden the channels, the good faith management, earned his place in the competitive market.

Here I would like to all concern, support, attention and help the fu xing tong's friends from all walks of life and the industry personnel said the most heartfelt thanks, sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to visit, negotiate, extensive cooperation, create a better tomorrow!

Thank you very much!

                                                         Mr Yan

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