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Shanxi Fuxingtong Heavy Ring Forging Co., Ltd. was established in April 2009
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Shanxi FuXingtong Heavy-Duty Ring and Forging Co.,Ltd.was established in April 2009,Our company belongs to a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanxi Fuxingtong Logistics Group at present, with the group registered capital of RMB 72 million.the legal representative zhiming yan.The company is located in the forging of the township dingxiang county Cuijiazhuang
Industrial park,which covers an area of 37530㎡ ,employees 228 people formed an excellent cooperation team. Existing mainframe and wordshop and large ring rolling wordshop each a,the main production equipment have D52-5000mm,D53k-6000mm,D53k-8000mm1200mm  CNC grinding ring machine each 1,5000 tons of forging hydraulic press 1,45 tons of forging CaoZuoJi machines,two Φ3m producer gas generator 3 stations and used for grinding ring of the hydraulic press machine and high thermal efficiency of regenerative reheating furnace and natural gas piatform,15tons pretrnd feeder,10 tons of pertend machine,five tons pertend each i machine,CNC well-type heat treatment furnace and Taiwan,5m machinery made 15new car,4m and 5m,6.5m CNCmade car 15 sets,4m and 5m high speed nc drill machine 5,80 radial drilling machines,two with raw materials,physical and chemicai properties test analysis,metallographic composition analysis,all kinds of precision testing equipment.the company's total capital of RMR 180 million,fixed assets 110 million yuan,the main products of wind power flange,fan spindle,heavy ring rolling,forging,sxial pieces etc,the biggest ringa single heavy 35 tons,axial sheet heavy 40tons and annual productiong capacity of 30000tons.The products are widely used in rotary bearings,shipbuilding,pressure vessel,thermal power,nuclear power,wind power,chemical,oil field and fields,for the domestic many heavy machinery manufacturer supporting company.

Shanxi FuXingtong Heavy-Duty Ring and Forging Co,Ltd.always adhere to the "innovation to meet opportunities with process,create value" the management idea,enterprise in self development and the fierce competition in the market got rapid propress,especially in the aquipment and technology propress and improve product development hane received very good results,and to achieve a truly extraordinary,the great-leap-forward development,At present,the company has achieved ISO9001:2008 authentication,pressure vessel production license,France classification society will d authentication,the authentication and China electric power China classification society PCCC authentication.At present, the company has become one of the largest heavy ring forging producting enterprises in Shanxi Province,but also to fill the gaps in dingxiang forging industry a blank.

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